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Class selection changes at Heartwood seasonally so we advise you check the schedule regularly to find the perfect class for you.  We try to make every class a "bigger, organic experience" here, and weather and season permitting, we often end classes with outdoor garden meditations or quiet time in one of our inspirational outdoor areas. We encourage students to take a cup of tea out to our grounds to enjoy the beauty, take a walk, walk the labyrinth, sit on a meditation bench or take a book from our library to rest in a hammock so that your yoga practice becomes more than a quick hour squeezed into the day and rushing off rather than enjoy the glow of soothing energy that yoga can provide. Even an extra 15 minutes taken at the end of class to be outdoors connecting to self can make your yoga a far more fulfilling experience. Occasionally, when the weather is inviting and supports a more meaningful experience, we even move a class outdoors to one of our outdoor practice areas.


Gentle Yoga serves as a great introduction to yoga and/or is designed for students with physical limitations or who have stepped away from physical challenges for a while and need a gentle reentry to body conditioning. The class offers traditional Inegyar inspired hatha yoga instruction with an emphasis on proper alignment, breathing, gentle stretching, and stress relieving restorative poses. 

RESTORATIVE AROMA YOGA (extremely gentle)

A restorative yoga sequence typically involves only five or six poses, supported by props that allow you to completely relax and rest. Held for 5 minutes or more, restorative poses include light twists, seated forward folds, and gentle backbends. This class gently restores the body and mind, with soothing poetry, aroma and gentle poses, a great way to re-set the nervous system and to honor and care for your body.  

Our most gentle class, Chair yoga is perfect for students with physical challenges that find it difficult to get on and off the floor as required for a traditional yoga class. Exercises explore and enhance a greater range of movement while protecting the lower back and joints by easing carefully into yoga postures with chair support. Breath work and meditation is visited as well. This is a wonderful class for increasing circulation, movement capability, and energy enhancement.  

These class offer traditional ingeyar inspired hatha yoga with full sun salutations, pranayama (breathing) and a variety of balance and stretching postures.Inversions are limited to supported poses and restorative asana positions. The instructor offers alternative poses and movement suggestions throughout the class, assuring all students can work to the level appropriate to their current development. Our all-levels classes are exactly that - classes taught on several levels so everyone can enjoy a good practice despite their yoga experience, but we tend to adjust the class according to who shows up for the lesson, so it will organically shift according to the needs of the participants. 


From Oct till March, we schedule a weekly outdoor yoga class on our labyrinth, This class includes meditation, gentle asana and walking the labyrinth for contemplation and personal insight. Each class has a theme, such as finding our path or purpose, letting go, non-attachment, trust, chakras, or other inspirational yoga concepts with meditation and practice designed to provoke thought and inspire appreciation, change and acceptance of issues in our lives.

AERIAL YOGA  (Moderate) 
Learn how to greatly supplement your existing yoga practice with gravity and inversion positions that traction the full spine and joints, stabilize the structural muscles and flush and invigorate the entire hormone system. Our Om gym yoga system provides an adjustable yoga sling with attached handles to safely take your yoga practice off the mat and into the air. We also have aerial silk classes for those looking for the cocoon effect in their practice. These classes begin on the mat and graduates to the sling where the instructor offers a patient, careful introduction to the benefits of aerial yoga. Students work at their own pace and comfort level. Appropriate for beginners.  

FLOW (Moderate)
Flow yoga is a vinyasa style of practice that incorporates breath and movement with held postures to move energy and forge a deep relationship with the body and the breath. This Iyengar inspired practice is an all levels yoga class incorporating some meditation.

 YIN (Gentle/Moderate)
Yin is a yoga system that is designed for good join health and the restoring of deep connective tissue. With a relaxed approach to postures that are held for 3-5 minutes, this class increases flexibility while addressing areas of the body that are not addressed in the traditional mat class.   

 YOGA NIDRA- During this restorative yoga practice, sometimes referred to as “yogic sleep” the body is comfortable and supported in Savasana. An accessible practice for all, it can be experienced on a mar or in a chair.To bring the body to a state of complete relaxation, students are led through a series of guided meditations which include body and breath awareness. Once the body is relaxed, the meditations suggest lovely travels to jungles, mountains, or seashores. These serve to purposefully connect into the deeper realms of the mind creating a space for healing.Yoga Nidra is one of the deepest possible states of relaxation while maintaining complete awareness. It can help relieve stress, anxiety, headaches, trauma-related disturbances and sleep disorders.

JOURNEY TO THE HEART - Freeing your Soul through Yoga and Meditation (Gentle)

A Slower-paced Yoga Class that’s “Gentle”, Meditative & Healing designed to reduce stress & reconnect with yourself. This slower-paced, “Gentle Yoga” class provides a safe, compassionate, non-competitive environment that is softer, nurturing, meditative and relaxing. Accessible to all levels and ages, this class is tructured around rejuvenating and healing the body, rather than building up the heart rate. We’ll focus on range of movement, incorporate stretching, breathing, meditation and the opportunity to fall in love with life again!  

SLOW, FLOW, and ROLL - (moderate) 
This fun, Iyengar inspired class uses the Yoga Wheel for a deeper exploration of the body.  It lengthens, strengthens, tractions, and massages the spine.  The wheel  assists in expanding the chest, opening the shoulders, and stretching abdominal muscles and hip flexors. This is a lovely prop for enhancing balance, stability, and focus.  All postures are traditional yoga asanas modified for use with the wheel in a slow flow format.