17507 Waterline Rd. Bradenton FL 34212                 

The practice of Yoga brings us face to face with theextraordinary complexity of our own being. ~Sri Aurobindo


The Yoga Center at Heartwood is a studio devoted to yoga workshops, classes and training programs.  Made to bring the serenity of nature inside, the studio features soaring windows (reclaimed from a vintage school house built years ago) that invites the light to stream in as well as glimpses of birds flying by or trees blowing in the wind to garnish your practice. With dynamic acoustics and warm wood from floor to ceiling, you feel deeply connected to nature and simplicity here. The studio is fully equipped with sound center, mats bolsters, blocks, straps and other yoga props, as well as a media center, so watching educational videos or power-point presentations is a dynamic experience as well.

The yoga center has two lobby areas to invite students to relax and connect, an office reception area and a yoga library featuring hundreds of books on yoga, energetic studies and the subtle body, organic living and gardening, as well as writing, journaling and art/nature studies. Relaxed seating encourages students to ponder new information and share it with others. A full service kitchen area features a fridge, stove, microwave and sink with dishes and other conveniences to allow yogis to break bread together and feel at home (pot luck style). Hot tea, coffee, cider, cocoa and more is available at all times to nourish students as they explore yoga and organic lifestyle arts.Outside of the yoga center are benches, a rocker, and many areas to invite students to gather for snacks or to talk.  There are plenty of open, calm places to bring mats outside for a practice under the sun.

Behind the yoga center is a yard devoted to studies under the sky or quiet relaxation and reflection. With a ayurveda zen fire pit (a fountain and fire in one - presenting earth,air, fire, water, and ether) hammocks, and 20 chairs that can be moved for any configuration, the learning environment becomes flexible and ever-changing to follow the inspiration of those participating.