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Chakra Decoded: Understanding yours
With Kim Engles

Tuesday Jan. 15 - 6:00-9:00 pm

The 7 energy centers of the body are stimulated by our senses, and our channels of energy flow can be affected by things we come into contact with everyday. Blocked or overstimulated chakras can lead to health issues and understanding this can offer new insight on how and why we feel as we do. This workshop teaches basic awareness of the Chakras with color theory,  essential oils, and other elements that will bring insight and understanding of the energetic body.  A full chair yoga/chakra meditation course with essential oils is included in the workshop to soothe and balance the energetic body.

Workshop Fee - 35.00

Introduction to the Chakras
with Bonnie Francis and Christine Davenport

Tuesday & Wednesday Evening 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm 

January 8 & 9

This workshop provides a basic introduction to the 7 energy centers of the body and the relationship between our health and wellness and prana (energy flow). Conversations, singing bowls, exercises and sharing experiences help to set the stage for a deeper understanding of the chakras and Eastern philosophy regarding how to embrace a more balanced life.

Fee - 50.00 for full course (6 hours)

Mala Making Workshop
With Ginny Shaddock

Monday, Feb. 12 6:00pm-9:00pm

A mala is a special string of 108 beads traditionally used in meditation to count mantras. When you string our own mala, you have the opportunity to place beautiful intentions into the beads and stones so the mala can be worn as a reminder of the affirmations you want to carry with you. In this class, you will learn more about the significance of the 108 beads in a mala, the specific uses of various stones for intention setting, and how to meditate with the mala you create. Come ready to learn, be creative, and walk away with a beautiful meditation tool and representation of your intentions. Class fee includes all supplies.

Class Fee (Includes materials - $40.00

Workshops & Courses offered by session

Any specialty class or program that is not offered on a regular weekly basis and lasts longer than a typical class (2 to 6 hours) falls under our "workshop category. Courses that are offered in ongoing sessions that combined, provide deeper progressive understanding can be found here as well. Check back often to see the new offerings! .*Note - Writing and Art workshops or Reiki can be found from the menu above.

Mindful Stained Glass
First Saturday of the month  10:30-2:30. (Light snacks provided)

Most people who come to Heartwood are awestruck by the beautiful Chakra Stained Glass Windows in our Yoga Center. Artist Bonnie Francais is both a yoga teacher and artist  who shares stained glass classes as a way of inviting mindful participants to produce something beautiful for display at home reflective of their yoga journey, while also capturing the healing and deeply calming effects of being engaged in art and personal expression as a creative meditation.  Projects include lotus, hamsa's, Om symbols, hearts, shamanic feathers, wind-chimes and other lovely images. Due to space limitations, the issue of safety and helping each participant learn techniques one on one, this class is limited to 5 participants. Stained glass project classes are offered approximately every 6 weeks.

Each class 65.00   (Class 40.00, Supply fee 25.00)


Yoga with the Wheel
with Ginny Shaddock

Friday, Jan. 25. 4:00-6:00 pm

The yoga wheel is a fascinating prop to enhance and expand the hatha mat practice. Used as a curved block, arching support, or moving flexibility enhancer, the yoga wheel offers new challenges and opportunities to provide insight and discovery into your yoga practice.This workshop offers a variety of exercises and uses for the wheel and notes are provided. 

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