17507 Waterline Rd. Bradenton FL 34212                 

Often, people want to just stop by. We look forward to sharing our space with all who need a dash of nature to feel personally balanced. Whether you want to try a class, workshop or just visit to sit quietly and find some inner peace, please read this first.

Heartwood is very active with holistic retreats and yoga trainings that often require privacy for the event to unfold poignantly and effectively. The retreat center is also the personal residence of the owners. Therefore, visitors can not stop by uninvited  to "look around". We are not a public facility, but an private school designed to offer bigger yoga experiences for our students and guests and we do not have the staff available for private tours or to greet people who stop by while we are teaching a program or class. Our students come to enjoy uninterrupted time in nature, so we endeavor to keep the grounds private for those participating in our programs. The permit issued by the county also limits our visitors due to parking restrictions etc, so we can not be open anytime to whatever group or individuals who choose to randomly stop by.  

If you wish to meditate in our Chakra garden, walk the labyrinth, visit our reference library, or enjoy the grounds to journal or reflect, the best option is to take one of our scheduled yoga, art, or writing classes and stay awhile afterwards for peace and reflection (many of our programs are free and open to all who need a dash of nature and peace to feel whole, so this recommendation is not about requiring you to pay for a class.) The gate opens one hour before classes, and students are welcome to stay for up to two hours afterwards. We offer free journaling classes, labyrinth walks, introduction to yoga classes and more, as well as donation based workshops and special events in addition to our regularly scheduled classes, so you can usually find a time to visit and enjoy the grounds around these times when we expect visitors.. 

If you want to enjoy the grounds without participating in one of our programs, you must make arrangements first and we ask you to leave a donation in the donation box by the labyrinth to help support the ongoing upkeep of our gardens and grounds. We welcome visits from groups seeking a special chance to explore the power of holistic studies or gardening groups seeking to visit our garden if they make arrangements in advance. Book clubs wishing to speak with our writing teacher and gardening clubs are always welcome to see our Chakra garden.

Photographers often request the opportunity to come out to do a photo shoot, and for more information on that, see here. 


Heartwood is an adult only facility, with the exception of our Summer Children's Yoga camp. We adore kids, but we have not designed our gardens or grounds for their safety, and we must keep the quiet peace and serenity of the grounds a priority for those visiting for healing, personal reflection, and meditation.Our grounds are protected by two very friendly dogs that like to great everyone, but while this implies we are animal friendly, our dogs are trained regarding where they can and can not wander or relieve themselves, and they are protective of the land they believe it is their job to partrol, so we ask you not to bring other animals onto the property as well.