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“The creative process involves getting input, making a recommendation, getting critical review, getting more input, improving the recommendation, getting more critical review... again and again and again.”

People are Saying . . .

 Heartwood Yoga's 500YTT program was one of the most transforming and positive experiences in my life, due largely to Ginny East's remarkable teaching and leadership skills and Melina Economos' formidable yoga knowledge-she's remarkable as a practicing yogi, teacher and healer and travels extensively to keep up with the Astanga state of the art teaching model. I would recommend this program to yoga teachers ready to stretch not just their limbs, but their entire process of teaching and embodying their yoga practice. The end result is that I am much more qualified to help a much larger slice of the population now, due to Heartwood's well rounded tool box of yoga teaching skills-why? Due to our teachers, our projects, community work, their studios and retreat center, and constant feedback from teachers as well as peers. Well done and thank you Heartwood Yoga.
Ginny East, Melina Economos and the specialists who contributed were top notch trainers and yogis. I was especially impressed with Melina's Astanga practice and teaching skills and Ginny's leadership, especially during her launch of a full blown yoga retreat center where we finished our training with a yoga festival attracting 700-800 and the classes were full or sold out. The yoga therapy, trauma yoga, Aruveda and Bhagavagita studies were well taught, and the students were transformed over the course of a year by both Ginny and Melina's focused feedback.
Patricia Truitt (RYT 500 graduate, Sept. 2014)

Attending the RYT-200 program at Heartwood was one of the most wonderful and empowering experiences of my life. In 2013, I became at widow overnight when my husband was killed in a horrific motorcycle accident. For a year I wandered as I wondered, trying to figure out how to begin again. When I made the decision to do the teacher training I really had no idea how healing this would be for me. I am a strong woman, but being with these strong, beautiful, compassionate teachers at Heartwood has made me even stronger and has given me the knowledge and the confidence I need to not only continue to successfully heal myself, but to begin to help others heal and grow as well. To the teachers at Heartwood, you is not just a number or money to be made....you are a soul, a soul that they desperately and lovingly try to connect with on all levels. They give you the tools you need to be successful, not only at teaching yoga and leading others, but to succeed in life. I can not thank them enough for allowing me this opportunity. It has truly changed my life and the life of my young son for the better. Namaste. -
By: Renee Bierbaum  RYT-200 & RYT-500 grauduate 2014/2015)

Heartwood200-YTT program was more than just a thorough education in required syllabus materials. Heartwood study centers are perfectly suited for this course, although Heartwood has a special magic to it that can't be explained. These ladies are incredibly knowledgeable and experienced teachers with gifts of compassion and empowerment and the unique talent for finding ways of opening our eyes to the available creativity in all aspects of the yoga experience. I am so grateful for having the opportunity to study with them. -
Jennifer VanGraupen  - RYT-200 graduate. March 24, 2014

Wonderful program! Full support of an instructor at all times. I loved learning at Heartwood. I would recommend the program to anyone that's interested in instructing others. I learned so much and grew in the process. -
Nicole Miers-Pandolfi RYT-200 on Jun 03, 2014

Such care and joy and professional attention to training, as well as personal, needs have been put into Heartwood Retreat Center. I cant believe it is right here in our own back yard for Gulf Coast Floridians. You must experience Heartwood for yourself to appreciate the beautiful gardens, welcoming hearts, and all that is offered here. Namaste. -
KristaRobertson Cournoyer 02/23/2014

I just want to say what an amazing job Heartwood did to make my wedding beautiful! I am so honored to have the first wedding there! It was more than I ever imagined and it made for the most magical night. I greatly appreciate all of the hard work that went in to creating this event. Ginny and David are the most gracious and generous hosts and friends! Thank you so much! -
Christina Zaron RYT-200 & RYT-500 Graduate 04/16/2014

Heartwood changed my life in a new and beautiful direction. I was in the first year Yoga Teacher Training class that transformed my mind, spirit and body. I came from a personal training back ground, but had let myself go due to life's struggles. I had kid's drama, 3 boys young adults. Relationships, 4 marriages.With that came death and divorces. I was a train wreck and didn't even know it until I was awakened by my class studies and awesome teachers and class mates,who are now friends and family for life and longer.
I highly recommend Heartwood Retreat. The staff are knowledgeable and professional without being egotistical. It is a wonderful relaxing environment as well as electric with energy, depending on which classes you enjoy. Because it is all about your joyful experience. The workshops and retreats are something you do just for you. But please do bring a friend because these times are too amazing not to share with friends and loved ones. I use to drag my husband along but now he loves it. At Heartwood, on Valentines Day I told him to pack a bag with comfortable clothes and we had a fun couples class to work up an appetite for the freshest local dinner. To die for. It makes me hungry just thinking about it.- Sandra Hendricks RYT-200 Graduate, Summer 2013 

I spent an intense weekend studying Aerial Yoga at this amazing studio. My experience far outweighed my expectations and I cannot express that enough. The owner, teachers and staff were knowledgeable, accommodating, and fun. I also met some beautiful souls and future teachers who accompanied me in class! What a wonderful group. Thank you all for sharing your Light with me!!! -
Kaya Sandhaniya Bhava Steele  07/20/2014 

 The Heartwood training program has changed my life, through this program I have found a deeper connection to myself, my community, and with yoga. They provide many life changing opportunities and experiences, the format for learning applies to all types of learners, and the expansive training they supply is unimaginable. Prepare to give of yourself 100% and you will not be disappointed. 
Soraya Massoumi RYT 200 *& RYT-500 graduate - Aug 26, 2014