Denver Boskey

Denver is an E RYT-500 Yoga Teacher and RCYT (Certified Children's Yoga teacher) who specializes in meditation, yoga therapy, yoga anatomy, and restorative yoga techniques. She is an advocate for positive body image awareness and creator of Full Bodied Yoga, a class designed to enhance self acceptance and love. (For inspiration, follow her on instagram) She is currently studying to become a massage therapist as well at the Sarasota School of massage. Denver was director of Blue Mountain Yoga in Blue Ridge Georgia for 8 years before joining Heartwood's team in 2016. She works extensively with essential oils and crystals, incorporating energetic healing modalities to her practices. Denver is owner of a company called Budhabody, that makes organic bath and body products, as well as a Jewelry Design company called Silver Siren. She trained in Jewelry design at Penland School of Crafts, an internationally acclaimed school of folk crafts in North Carolina. Denver was a former dancer  & singer who trained in musical theater at the University of Central Florida.

Heartwood is fortunate to work with a list of revolving guest teachers bringing a wealth of inspiration and experience to their coursework. We also have full time staff members who are central to keeping our classes and community progressive and connected, and whose commitment and heartfelt involvement keep our programs professional, yet deeply personal.

Soraya Massoumi Presault

‚ÄčSoraya is a certified RYT-500 yoga teacher and RCYT (Registered Children's yoga teacher.) She was initially drawn to yoga for the physical benefits, finding comfort in the body awareness and subtle strength that resonated with her dance background. Soraya quickly found that yoga also provided her with a wonderful community and a unique source for positive renewal and serenity. She believes everyone can benefit from yoga, her teachings cover a wide range of yoga disciplines, including but not limited to: children's yoga, restorative yoga, yin yoga, power/hot vinyasa flow. Soraya is also a handcrafted jeweler with a company called Lotus June, specializing in Japa Mala Meditation Beads, and you can find her work on Etsy or in the studio boutique. She teaches Spirit Art Craft Workshops as well as yoga programs at Heartwood Retreat Center. She is the owner of Bhavana Yoga on University Parkway in Sarasota, a companion facility to Heartwood Retreat Center.

The dream begins with a teacher who believes in you, who tugs and pushes and leads you to the next plateau, sometimes poking you with a sharp stick called 'truth'.  - Dan Rather

Pauline Dimitry

Pauline Dimitry draws from over 45 years of practice and experience in various yoga traditions, blending her love of yoga with a passion for teaching. Pauline specializes in providing a gentle approach that meets the needs of senior citizens, those with arthritis, and other special needs. Her students are encouraged to unfold to their own rhythm in a relaxed comfortable setting with individualized attention. She is a four-time cancer survivor and believes that her purpose in life is to help others find and nurture the inner strength to adapt to and overcome many of life's obstacles. Pauline is a Heartwood Certified RYT-500 yoga teacher.