Cutting Ties: Release and Renew Retreat

A day devoted to letting go and moving on from negative relationships or experiences.
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Even when our lives venture down new paths (whether it is by choice or not) we often carry the baggage of the past with us, loading us down and making every step we take feel cumbersome and insecure. The best way to move forward its to shed our burden and cut ties with a negative past. This retreat is designed to refresh the spirit and  help us move on with a ceremony designed to energetically cut ties with people or experiences from our past . Let go of depression, fear, or feelings of loss or hurt, and invite a fresh beginning into your life. Make an event out of your commitment to live a happy and fulfilled life beginning here and now!

This retreat includes gentle yoga, meditation, creative projects, and time for reflection and sharing, all building up to our ceremonial fire ceremony where we will be letting go of the ties that don't serve us.

Retreat Fee : $60.00 - includes a full day of instruction, materials, and inspiration. Refreshments provided.

Sip, Savor, and Serenity Day Retreat
With Kim Engles
Saturday, Nov.  17th, 1:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Rejuvenate before the hectic holiday season with this day retreat featuring wine tasting, restorative yoga and meditation and a seasonal light vegetarian supper.
Drink in the serenity of the healing space at Heartwood Retreat Center enjoying the beautiful grounds including Chakra garden and Labyrinth.
Restore the soul in a blissful and tranquil yoga practice with essential oils and soothing meditation.
Create your very own scented eye pillow and hand-decorated wine glass.
Sip wine during a tasting with a professional wine expert.
Savor the tastes of the season with a vegetarian supper.
Other surprises will be sure to enhance your day!

Get a head start on your holiday gift list with Wine bottles available to purchase from the presenter; Yoga Gift certificates from Heartwood; as well as the opportunity to purchase supplies to make additional wine glasses and eye pillows! They all make great gifts for someone else's own special taste of serenity!!

Join us for a beautiful day of self-care bringing serenity to the mind, body & soul.
Retreat Fee - $ 85.00, Includes wine tasting, dinner, art materials and a lovely day of activity.

Retreats are a full day (or more) event designed to revitalize, explore new ideas and to feel connected to your best self. Our serene day retreats offer an intimate, organic experience where the inspirational grounds of Heartwood and deeply committed mentors take you worlds away from your stressed life.

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