Rates vary depending on the program, the number of attendees and what resources are required to make your program a success For typical yoga oriented programs with 12-18 attendees our rates are 60.00 - 100.00 pr hour or 400.00 - a max of 600.00 per day depending on whether you are booking a weekend or weekday.If you make arrangements for more than 3 days, we discount the space fees. Please note that we are very booked so time is limited and of value here. If we must cancel our regularly schedule classes to provide for your event, it is harder for us to offer lower prices.

On programs that are in alignment with what we normally offer our community, we also are happy to arrange a split so guest teachers to combine their special teaching gifts with our marketing and students helping in promotions as a combined effort to prepare a new program. 

Bring your program to Heartwood!

Over night stays: At this time, Heartwood has limited overnight accommodations though Air B& B or direct arrangements made with us. Please see our button for local accommodations if you need additional places.   
 We invite other teachers and educational groups to use our space and share Heartwood's beauty with their own students.  Many members of our active community are interested in attending programs offered by others, so we also share information regarding guest programs with our mailing lists. We have a active schedule with our own programs so space is limited, but with advanced notice, you can make arrangements to host your program or workshop at our facility. Call for rates and together, we can explore the possibilities.

Facility includes:
  • Use of the  yoga studio
  • Large Projector & screen for media presentations
  • Use of the Chakra Garden and all areas of the inspirational grounds with spaces for meditation, journaling , walking and more.
  • Chairs  and  tables if needed
  • Zen/Ayurveda fire-pit and outdoor seating
  • Labyrinth, medicine wheel,  and outdoor practice areas