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“May We Love Ourselves.
May We Love Each Other.
May We Believe that Our Dreams Can Come True.
We Are Strong.
We Are Wise.
We Are the Heroines of our Own Lives" 

Heart & Soul Sisterhood
A women's wisdom circle for those with 50 years or more of life experience! 
Meeting the first Wednesday of each month. 6:00-9:00pm

Once a month, Heartwood invites women ages 50 and up to gather to celebrate the winding, unpredictable, insightful experiences woman often can relate to considering their life journey. We gather to hold space for each other in ceremony and friendship, with sessions designed to learn, share, support and expand our spiritual awareness. Each meeting will introduce a different spiritual practice or activity designed to invoke new insights and offer practices we can incorporate into our own lives to connect deeper to self, service, and those things that bring profound meaning and understanding to our existence. Please come at 6:00 for meet and greet, but the actual activities begin at 6:30.

Each session is moderated by a 50 plus teacher or guest speaker with insight and experience to share.

  • We begin at 6:30 with an ceremony to honor the circle of women.
  • A spiritual practice will be shared and practiced - sometimes involving yoga practices, but also celebrating art, creativity, energetic healing, and more.
  • A conversation will be introduced so the group can share wisdom, life stories, and connect on common interests and concerns that are prevalent to many in the mature stages of life.    


Please register in Advance - Those that register before the event (12 hours before) will be given a spiritual gift that pertains to the session - something special to mark the occasion and serve as a totem or practical tool for continuing their spiritual empowerment all month long (or longer.) We cannot be prepared with a gift for those who we don't know are coming.

Dues: Participants pay $25.00 per meeting to help pay for the space, snacks, and the spiritual gift each participant will receive IF they register 12 hours in advance of the event. Please attempt to sign up in advance so we are prepared with enough materials and/or gifts for everyone in attendance. 

Meeting Schedule: & Themes - 2019
Sept. 4 - Making it count - mining our life wisdom.
Oct. 2 Mature Goddess Women Archetypes and our powerful potential. 
Nov. 6 - Giving Thanks.
Dec. 4 - Life's greatest gifts.