17507 Waterline Rd. Bradenton FL 34212                 

"A kindly gesture bestowed by us on an animal arouses prodigies of understanding and gratitude"  - Sidonie Gabrielle 

‚ÄčHeartwood is home to two beautiful, gentle dogs that protect, serve, and greet everyone who comes to visit. During important events, they quietly stay in the lodge or their run, but most days, they are free to wander the grounds and share their positive energy with guests (and keep prey from eating our koi!). So, if you are meditating and feel a warm body against your feet or a soft tongue against your hand, don't be alarmed. Since they are friendly to a fault, we invite you define your boundaries. Feel free to demand they sit or stay, and refuse to pet them if you are not in the mood for company. It is important to us that you do not let them disturb your peace. If they in any way interrupt your experience by shedding too much enthusiastic fondness, please let us know and we will put them in their comfortable confinement. Training is a work in process, and we are not as tough as we probably should be.

Both dogs are rescues:

India is a four year old black border collie with a very gentle demeanor. He is respectful at all times. . (Unless you are a squirrel)

Tibet is a three year old golden retriever. Friendly to a fault, he in insatiable regarding attention, so please feel free to remind him of his manners.

Heartwood is also home to 7 koi and their babies and a cat named Boo who likes to watch yogis from her lazy perches in the branches of the oaks around the yoga center. We also raise about 18 chickens, a few guineas and other organic lifestyle supporting animals as part of our  hobby farming endeavors. 


We love animals. ALL animals, but unfortunately we cannot allow outside pets on the grounds of Heartwood. Partially, this is due to insurance issues, but also, our dogs are trained to relieve themselves out in the ferns where no one ever has to witness(or step in) evidence that they are on the grounds. Our property is always clean and other than a sleeping dog relaxing in the sun, there is no disturbance of pets on the property. We can't have dogs creating scents anyplace else that might interfere with our training and cause our dogs or others to relieve themselves elsewhere. Maintaining the cleanliness and serenity of the retreat center is vital to our programs and ambiance. Thank you.