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Summer RYT-200 Immersion, 2017

RYT-500, 2016-17 Weekend program

RYT -200 Immersion Course, Summer 2016

RYT-200 Winter Immersion, Jan. 2017

Winter Immersion, Jan 4, 2018

RYT-200 Wed. Daytime. 2017

RYT-200 Evening Program 2016

RYT-200 Weekend Intensive, Summer 2016

RYT-200 Evening Program 2016-17

RYT-200 Day Program, 2016

RYT-200 for 50 Plus, Spring, 2017

RYT-200 Winter Immersion, Jan. 27-Feb 9, 2018

RYT-200 for 50 plus, Spring 2017

RYT-200 Saturday Program, 2016

RYT-200 Sat. Program, 2016-17

RYT-200 Summer Weekend 2015

RYT-200 Summer Intensive 2015

RYT-200 Summer 2012

RYT-200, Spring 2012

RYT-200 at Blue Mountain Yoga at Blue Ridge GA

RYT-200 Summer Program, 2013

RYT-200 Fall Weekend Program, 2013

RYT-200 Day Program 2013-14

RYT-200 Weekend, 2014-15

RYT-200, Evening Program 2013- 2014

RYT-200, Summer 2014

RYT-200 Evening Program, 2014-15

RYT-200 Evening Program 2013

RYT-200 Saturday Program, 2014

RYT-200 Day program, 2014-15,

RYT-200 Weekend Program, 2015

RYT-200 Summer Intensive 2014

RYT-500 2013- 2014

RYT-200 Fall/Winter 2011

Congratulations to all our of our yoga teacher training graduates. They have gone on to impact the world with diverse careers in yoga - opening studios, teaching at health clubs and resorts, in schools, businesses or health centers, as well as becoming yoga counselors, mentors, trainers, and private yoga coaches. We always make a slide show of each "tribe" for their graduation, and take pleasure in sharing these clips with others who may be considering Yoga training as a path to personal growth and a new career. Please enjoy images of their journey at Heartwood, and/or ReFlex Arts (our adjunct studio, though we changed the name in June of 2015 to heartwood Yoga Center) and be inspired as you see many of the respected, gifted teachers you may know from our area and around the nation as they learned their craft starting here. We are proud to have trained so many passionate teachers and to have had the honor of building the foundation for their their yoga journey. We wish them every success as they make their mark on the world and touch the lives of many others. For more information, see our Yoga teacher button above, which will take you to a website devoted specifically for this information.

Sorry, the videos are not in chronological order, but in the order we could "hunt them down" for this inspirational walk down memory lane.