17507 Waterline Rd. Bradenton FL 34212                 


All of Heartwood is on a 7 acre crystal grid, with the center denoted by a Tibetan crystal in a place of honor in our grapevine and vintage iron arbor. Large spikes of quartz crystal are buried along the corners and outskirts of the property to provide enhanced positive energy. The marble and stone pathway is illuminated with LED lights in glass bricks to invite evening strolls, and a statue of Aurora, the goddess of dance, representative of the deeper connections to personal expression we can discover through movement - dance and yoga. A sound system is conveniently located in our tree branches for music accompaniment to meditation or outdoor practices when we want more than the music of the birds and wind in the trees to enhance out practice.Outdoor mats and blankets are stored in a small shed here to support our going outside to enjoy nature.

With benches, arbors, and a beautiful stretch of grass gracing the area, visitors enjoy outdoor practices here, or just wandering to feel the positive energy of the center of Heartwood's grid. We host outdoor conversations, practices and farm to table dinners here as well. The Crystal walkway is located by our Chakra Garden, inviting people to continue wandering our grounds to reflect on life and nature.   

Gazebo Crystal Walkway

With 2800 peace poles worldwide, Heartwood is honored to have erected one of our own to celebrate and honor world wide peace. "May Peace Prevail on Earth" is written in 10 languages on our wood-burned pole, made by yoga teacher and friend, Soraya Massoumi.  (How many languages can you recognize?)