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 Free and Donation Based Programs to support community enrichment.

Heartwood sponsors a variety of free or donation based programs to invite people to come explore a new subject or just to meet and experience Heartwood.

Leave a donation if you feel inspired to support the costs of the program, but that is at your discretion. Join us to meet like-minded individuals, explore a new subject, or just to give yourself a gift of an experience designed to support your ongoing health and wellness and enrichment of mind and heart. 

Reiki Shares with David Shaddock

Join us for our monthly Reiki Share. The evening starts with a guided meditation and information about Reiki, followed by community practice where everyone in attendance gives and receives Reiki. Other healing modalities may be introduced to enhance the experience, such as crystals or aromatherapy. We often end with a gong meditation for vibrational healing. You do not need Reiki experience to participate. 
This is a donation based session. Offerings are not required, but much appreciated to support the space, pay for tea and snacks, etc.

Scheduled Reiki Shares -  Third Thursday Evenings from 7:00-8:45
Feb. 15, March 15, April 19

Journaling for Deeper Awareness and Self-knowing

Donation based program

Approximately 7 times a year we offer this 3 hour workshop to introduce the power of journaling for emotional balance and self growth, offering techniques and tools to expand our relationship with the written word as a path to healing and discovering who we are and what we believe. The class will cover a broad overview of key principals of journaling, including addressing issues such as privacy, how to write authentically, and how and why we should explore our honest feelings on the page without fear or feeling censored by others. Creativity, playful discovery, and how to mine nuggets of wisdom that are already within are primary themes, as well as how to keep up the discipline of writing daily and make it a joy to journal.  Great for writers seeking more honesty in their work, or anyone who is interested in finding deeper truths in the story of their lives.

Taught by Ginny Shaddock, MFA in creative writing, Author, journal therapy teacher.

Shamanic Journeys

*Note: This event has drop-in fee of 15.00 or you can use a class pass to support materials and costs of the program. Usually the 2nd Thursday of the month at 7:00 pm. Jan. through May

Heartwood currently offers a monthly Shamanic Journey, which includes a ceremony and group meditation at our medicine wheel to prepare for connecting to nature and our spirit guides,  followed by a shamanic journey meditation in our yoga center (we do this inside  so weather and other distractions will not interfere with your experience).  You do not need any previous experience, and at each session a bit of time is devoted to helping people learn about the beauty and power of shamanic journeys for guidance & personal health and wellness. These nurturing meditations are a great, gentle introduction to the shamanic journey, perfect for beginners or anyone interested in exploring their relationship with nature, their ancestors, spirit guides or enhancing their own intuition and self knowing. 

Singing Circle with Stephanie Heidemann

First Friday of the month 7:00pm-8:30 pm

Donation based event.

​Feb. 9th - next event (note changed Friday.)

The Singing Circle at Heartwood is a monthly gathering for people who share the common love of singing. Unlike choirs, this singing circle does not require sight-reading, auditioning or learning a set repertoire of songs. It is geared toward fostering the creative impulse, through improvisational singing, community part singing (La-lo, Lay-La), singing without words, allowing room for creative abstract experience in a relaxed setting. Bring a friend, or come alone and make new ones! This experience is aimed for co-creation, flow and fun. 

Group Singing Supports Your Health! Stimulates production of Oxytocin- the “bonding” hormone Decreases levels of Cortisol, lowering stress Stimulates the release of Endorphins Engaging in creative “flow” experiences = happiness, well being.