This is just a quick view of Start dates of "bigger" events- workshops, retreats & study programs so you don't miss anything you might enjoy. See our item menu above for more detailed info on each event (they are listed under retreats, workshops or trainings, as the case may be).

2017 Workshops Retreats and Trainings​

​​May 18                                                Reiki Share 7:00 pm
May 24                                              Free Intro to Yoga Class at 7:00 pm 
June 2                                                Authentic Voice Meetup 
June 3                                                Summer RYT-200 Weekend Program
June 15                                              Reiki Share
June 17-18                                        Children's Yoga Certification Level 1
July 1                                                 Aerial Yoga Certification
July 12-26                                        Evening Writing Series: Nature Writing - Tapping into nature's rhythms.
July 12-16                                         Kids Yoga Camp
July 8                                                Chair Yoga Certification
July 12                                              Free Intro to Yoga Class 7:00 pm
July 17-21                                         Children's Yoga Teacher Training Certification
July 24-28                                        Kids Yoga Camp
July 31                                               RYT-300/500 3 week immersion program
August 2-3                                       Yin Yoga Training
August 3-4                                       Yoga for seniors Training
August 4                                           Authentic Voice Meetup
August 11-13                                    Restorative Yoga Training
August 19-20                                  Children's Yoga Certification Level 1
August 24                                        Reiki Level 1
August 25                                        Reiki Level 2
August 26-27                                  Reiki Master Program
Sept. 1                                              Authentic Voice Meet up
Sept. 7 - 11                                       A Room of Her Own: Self-Care Women’s Retreat in beautiful Ashville NC!
Sept. 19                                            Free Intro to Yoga Class 7:00 pm
Sept. 20                                           Reiki Share
Sept 30-Oct 1                                 Children's Yoga Certification Level 2
October 4                                        RYT-200 Wednesday Day Program
Oct. 6                                               Authentic Voice meet up
Oct. 8                                               Shamanic Wisdom Retreat
Oct. 10-24                                       Evening Writing Series: Putting your Book Project Together
Oct 26                                             Free Intro to Yoga Class 7:00 pm
Oct. 19                                             Reiki Share
Oct. 22                                             Creative Awakenings Retreat
October 28-29                                Creative Writer's Weekend Retreat   
October 23                                      RYT-200 Evening Program
Nov 11 & 12                                     Yoga Weekend Retreat
Nov. 3                                              Authentic Voice Meetup 
​ ​​March 26                                       Mindfulness Retreat
Dec. 1                                               Authentic Voice Meetup
Dec. 4                                               RYT-200 Yoga Teacher Training for teachers ages 50 plus
Dec. 5 - 19                                       Evening Writing Series: Family Stories & Legacy Wills
Dec. 8-10                                        Yin Yoga Training

Programs for 2018

Jan. 20-21                                        Yoga for seniors Training
Jan. 27                                              RYT-200 2 week Immersion
March 13-27                                    Evening Writing Series: Developing and Expanding your Writer's Voice 

* Check back often as we update this list for added offerings