17507 Waterline Rd. Bradenton FL 34212                 

No two gardens are the same.  No two days are the same in one garden.  ~Hugh Johnson

Chakra Meditation Garden

The Chakra Garden is a 1/4 acre meditation garden on the grounds of Heartwood designed to generate peace and calm while stimulating the senses. As a winner of the Country Gardens Magazine 2015 contest, our garden was featured in the national magazine in Fall, 2016 (see below)! With 7 distinct areas of the garden representing each chakra through the thoughtful juxtaposition or colorful blooming plants, crystals, herbs, garden art and more, visitors are inspired to stroll the garden or take a seat on one of our twelve privacy benches to meditate and reflect. Each chakra area of the garden features two distinct places to sit among the blooms, or you may sit under the gazebo to write or have tea while being serenaded by the waterfall spilling along our natural stream in a creek only a few feet behind the garden. A covered swing invites you to float through thoughts as you rest body and soul.  Linger under the gateway arbor blooming with vines and flowers, or wander over the bridge of our koi pond at the center of our heart chakra and watch the water gently cascade from an urn to create a soft sound that echos softly to inspire inner stillness. Stand upon one of our mosaic chakra stepping stones to feel the vibration as you enjoy the company of hundreds of butterflies drawn to the garden and pick up a meditation stone from our collection gathered in a birdbath to hold as you focus your breath and mind to compassionate reflection on emotions or thoughts that need calming. Visit at night where dozens of solar lights highlight the graceful arch of plants and spots illuminate off the water or our garden art to create a romantic, calming sacred space.
After classes the garden is used for guided meditations, but it is always available to our students and guests to visit during and after programs to enhance your experience at Heartwood as well as your connection with nature and your best self.