17507 Waterline Rd. Bradenton FL 34212                 

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Heartwood is open one hour after scheduled yoga & meditation classes for our students to enjoy the grounds. During programs and other scheduled activities, the grounds are devoted exclusively to the participants with the exception of extended visitation hours for Heartwood Members. We are not open to the public for tours or information, except during morning office hours or by appointment. 

Office hours for information: Mon. Wed. & Fri. Sat. 9am-12pm.

Extended hours for members to visit the grounds:  Mon. Wed. Fri. & Sat. 9am - 3pm.


John Muir — 'I only went out for a walk and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in.'

Heartwood Yoga Institute and Retreat Center is a haven of tranquility designed to promote the growth and development of individuals through yoga-oriented self-discovery programs. Heartwood is nestled in 7 acres designed to invite students to relax and explore their inner world. A holistic library, creativity center, and fully equipped yoga studio sets the stage for Heartwood's talented staff to guide students through learning and awareness classes and courses. An outdoor screened pavilion allows for yoga and other classwork to be done while breathing in nature's healing and inspirational ambiance.  The grounds include a beautiful Chakra Garden where flowers, stones and art invite meditation and contemplation, as well as meditation benches, and pathways filled with orchids that lead you to a 11 circuit full sized labyrinth.  Tree lined paths invite you to enjoy some time in one of our yoga aerial swings or relaxing hammocks, or sit near our Elements  fire pit where earth, air, water, ether & fire are represented to inspire meaningful discussion.  A gazebo with Tibetan crystal and outdoor practice lawn provides space for special "under the sky" celebrations. Visit our shamanic stone medicine wheel with a 6 foot dream-catcher (here, we dream big!) or the Irish shamanic wishing tree. Create a poem at our sand and rock poetry table, or just sit and journal. At Heartwood, people gather to learn, rejuvenate, celebrate life's poignant experiences, and reestablish personal balance. Along with weekly yoga classes, we specialize in RYT-200 & RYt-300 yoga teacher training, yoga therapy, writing, reiki, and yoga oriented retreats to inspire the soul.